Kevin George Knipfing (born on 26, April 1965) is an American comedian and actor. He is most famous for playing the character Doug Heffernan on the TV show The King of Queens.

But how many times has Kevin James been married? Kevin James has been married once, and that was with his current wife, Steffiana de la Cruz.

Let’s read this article to know more about his marriage and relationship with his spouse.

Who is Kevin James?

Who is Kevin James?
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Kevin George Knipfing is an American comedian and actor, born on 26 April 1965 in Mineola New York. He is better known by his stage name, Kevin James.

Kevin is famous for playing a role in Doug Heffernan on the CBS sitcom “The King of Queens.

Kevin James was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for this show.

James has appeared in the films, Hitch (2005), Grown Ups (2010), and Becky (2030) more and more, and he was nominated for a People’s Choice Award in 2017 for his character on the sitcom Kevin Can Wait (2016-2018).

How Many Times Has Kevin James Been Married?

Steffiana de la Cruz
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Kevin James has been married once to Steffiana de la Cruz in 2004. The couple have even welcomed four children.

They first met in late 2001 on a blind date arranged by their interior director.

They both became friends, fell in love, and started their relationship, they were engaged in the fall of 2003.

On June 19, 2004, Kevin and Steffiana got married at St. Edward Catholic Church in Dana Point, California, in front of family and 180 guests. Actor Ray Romano was one of the guests.

After the wedding service, the guests continued the party at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, where the reception was held.

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Who is Kevin James’s Wife?

Kevin James wife image
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Steffiana de la Cruz is the wife of Kevin James, born on 28 August 1974 in New York City, U.S.

Steffiana is a Filipino-American, Model, and, Actress, better known as the wife of Kevin James.

As an actor, she is best known for her parts in her husband’s movies, like Zookeeper (2011) and both versions of Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009 and 2015).

She also appeared in several episodes of the CBS sitcom “King of Queens,” in which her husband played the main part and became a household name in the early 2000s.

How Long Has Kevin James Been Married To His Wife?

Kevin James and Steffiana have been married for 18 years now, Their marriage was on June 19, 2004, and they happily live together and share a strong bond with each other.

How Many Biological Children Does Kevin James Have?

Kevin James wife
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Kevin James has a total of four biological children together with his wife Steffiana De La Cruz. On September 30, 2005, at the age of 31, she had her first child, a girl named Sienna-Marie James.

On June 14, 2007, in Los Angeles, the couple had their second child, a girl named Shea Joelle James.

Kannon Valentine James, their third child and first boy, was born on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011. They had their fourth child, a girl named Sistine Sabella James, at the end of 2015.

Final Thought

In overview, Kevin James has established his fame as a Comedian in the film industry and achieved a Primetime Emmy Award and People’s Choice Award because of his outstanding performance.

He married Steffiana de la Cruz, welcomed four children, and lived happily with his family.

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Connie Smith (born on 14 August 1941) is an American Country music singer and songwriter. She is famous for her first song, Once a Day, and for her four marriages.

We’ve written this article about Connie Smith’s personal life, her ex-husband, and how many children she has. Join us to learn about her journey through marriage.

Who is Connie Smith?

Connie Smith pic
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Constance June Meador, who goes by the name Connie Smith professionally, is a well-known American country music singer and songwriter. She was born on August 14, 1941, in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.

When Connie Smith was just five months old, her family moved back to their hometown in West Virginia. Later, they settled in Dungannon, Ohio.

As a teenager, Connie Smith taught herself how to play the guitar. She released her first song, “Once a Day,” which became a huge hit in the country music charts, holding the top position for a long time and making history.

Connie Smith has received 11 Grammy Award nominations for her outstanding performances in the category of Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

How Many Times Has Connie Smith Been Married?

Connie Smith
Credit: Getty (Connie Smith with Marty Stuart)

Connie Smith has been married four times in her life and has five children from her different marriages. She was first married to Jerry Smith in 1961.

After that, she was married to Jack Watkins until 1967. Following this, she married Marshall Haynes in 1972, with whom she was for a long period until 1992.

And finally, Connie Smith married Marty Stuart in 1997.

We have listed all of Connie Smith’s ex-husbands. So let’s now explore her journey through married life.

#1 Jerry Smith

Connie Smith’s first husband was Jerry Smith, whom she married in 1961.

He worked as a Ferroanalyst at the ‘Inter-Lake Iron Corporation’. They had a son named Darren Justin on March 9, 1963, but they divorced in 1966.

#2 Jack Watkins

Her second husband was Jack Watkins, and they got married in 1966. Jack was a guitarist. They had a son named Kerry Watkins a year into their marriage, but they separated and divorced in 1967.

#3 Marshall Haynes

Connie’s third husband was Marshall Haynes, whom she married in 1972. He worked as a telephone repairman. They had three daughters together: Jeanne, Julie, and Jodi Haynes. They divorced in the 1992.

#4 Marty Stuart

Her fourth and current husband is Marty Stuart, an American singer, songwriter, and producer. They got married on July 8, 1997.

And now, she is happily married to her fourth husband Marty Stuart.

How Many Children Does Connie Smith Have?

Connie Smith has five children from her various marriages. Darren Justin is the son from her first marriage.

Kerry Watkins is her son from her second marriage to Jack Watkins.

From her third marriage to Marshall Haynes, Connie Smith has three daughters: Jeanne, Julie, and Jodi Haynes.

How Long Have Marty Stuart and Connie Smith Been Married?

Connie Smith was married to Jerry Smith for 5 years from 1961 to 1966, Jack Watkins for 1 year from 1966 to 1967, and Marshall Haynes for a remarkable 20 years from 1972 to 1992.

Her current marriage is with Marty Stuart, and there hasn’t been any official news of separation or divorce. Connie’s longest marriage was with Marshall Haynes, lasting for 20 years.

How Old Was Connie Smith When She Married Marty Stuart?

Connie Smith and Marty Stuart’s age gap is 17 years, according to their birthdays. However, their age is just data and not a barrier to their relationship.

The couple is really happy together.

How Old Was Marty Stuart When He Met Connie Smith?

Marty Stuart
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Marty Stuart was 12 years old when he met Connie Smith.

Marty gave a statement that she came to the Indian reservation in my hometown of Philadelphia, Mississippi, to work at a fair. She has not changed a bit; she looked great then, and she looks great now.


In summary, Connie Smith, a renowned singer-songwriter, became nationally famous thanks to her first hit song ‘Once a Day,’ written by Bill Anderson.

She even won a Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

Throughout her life, she had four marriages and five children from these unions. Currently, she is happily married to her fourth husband, enjoying her life.

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Whoopi Goldberg (born on 13 November 1955) is a well-known American actor. She gained more attention due to her leading roles in comedy.

In this article, we will talk about Whoopi Goldberg’s personal life, how many children she has, and how many times she has been married. So keep moving.

Let’s read below.

Who is Whoopi Goldberg?

Who is Whoopi Goldberg?
Whoopi Goldberg image

Caryn Elaine Johnson is an American actor, comedian, television personality, and author, popularly known as Whoopi Goldberg. She was born on 13 November 1955, in Manhattan, New York City, U.S.

Goldberg spent her early years in the Manhattan housing project. She performs at 8 years of age with a children’s theater group and later as a young adult.

Whoopi co-founded Whoopi & Maya a company that made medical cannabis products for women seeking relief from menstrual cramps. Moreover, she is an advocate for human rights.

Whoopi Goldberg has acted in over 150 films, she is the first black woman to have achieved the EGOT, four major American Awards for professional entertainers, (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony).

How Many Times Has Whoopi Goldberg Been Married?

How Many Times Has Whoopi Goldberg Been Married?
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Whoopi Goldberg has been married three times throughout her life. If you want to know who all her ex-husbands are, then move below, and we will tell you Whoopi’s ex-husband.

#1 Alvin Martin

Alvin Martin was the first Ex-husband of Whoopi Goldberg, She got married to her drug counselor, Alvin Martin, in 1973 at the age of 18.

The partner welcomed a lovely daughter named Alexandrea on May 9, 1974. However, after a few years, in 1979, the partners divorced each other.

#2 David Claessen

The second ex-husband of Goldberg was David Claessen, a Dutch cinematographer and director. David and Whoopi got married in 1986, and later they got divorced in 1988, They did not have any children.

#3 Lyle Trachtenberg

Whoopi’s third ex-husband was Lyle Trachtenberg, an American businessman and former actor. The couple got married in 1994, and after just one year in 1995, they got divorced.

In addition, she had lived in relationships with Ted Danson from 1992 to 1994 and Frank Langella from 1996 to 2001, her other ex-boyfriends include businessman Michael Visbal and orthodontist Jeffrey Cohen.

Who is Whoopi Goldberg’s Current Husband?

Who is Whoopi Goldberg?
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Whoopi is not married to anyone right now, she is currently single and making her life more professional in her career.

She said that she has no plan to marry again: “Some people are not meant to be married and I am not meant to, I am sure it is wonderful for lots of people.”

She told host Tamron Hall. “I am not looking for anyone. and I am very happy. I don’t want to live with anybody.”

How Old Was Whoopi Goldberg When She First Got Married?

Goldberg was 18 years old when she got married to Alvin Martin in 1973. They had a daughter together in 1974. Eventually, they got separated and divorced in 1979.

How Many Children Does Whoopi Goldberg Have?

whoopi goldberg daughter
Whoopi Goldberg daughter Alexandrea

Whoopi has only one daughter from her first ex-husband Alvin Martin, whose name is Alexandrea, born on May 9, 1974, who also became an actress and producer.

Alexandrea is also known as Alex Martin. Through her daughter, Goldberg has three grandchildren and a granddaughter.

Whoopi has also told this statement that she had had six or seven abortions by age 25 and she used control pills but failed to prevent several of her pregnancies.

Final Thought

In the end, Whoopi Goldberg is an American actor and comedian, and she achieved a lot of major awards in her life due to her versatile performance.

She has been married three times in her life, and she gave birth to a daughter through her first marriage to Alvin Martin from 1973 to 1979.

However, this marriage was long-lasting in her marriages, and she remarried David Claessen from 1986 to 1988.

They also got separated, and then she married Lyle Trachtenberg, and she lived only from 1994 to 1995.

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