Vegas Matt (born on 4 October 1963) is a popular American gambler, YouTuber, and social media sensation known for his amazing gambling skills.

In the last year, Vegas Matt has accumulated thousands of followers across the world. Let’s read his biography to learn about his age, wiki, net worth, real name, job, wife, children, and what he does for a living.

Profile Summary
NameVegas Matt
Real NameMatthew Johnson and Matt Morrow
Birth Date4 October 1963
Birth PlaceOrdina, California, America
Age59 Years Old
Net Worth$42 Million
JobGambler and Social Media Star
Marital StatusMarried
WifeKc Vanlue-Morrow (m. 14 May 1989)
ChildrenSon – Ej Morrow
Daughter – Annie Eisenach
ResidenceHenderson, Nevada

Who is Vegas Matt?

Vegas Matt
Vegas Matt

Vegas Matt is a famous gambler and social media star from Las Vegas. He loves the exciting and glamorous lifestyle of the city where he grew up.

Matt has also been the Royal Ambassador at Bodē Pro since 2006 and is still working there in this position.

Vegas Matt is well-known for his charming personality, which has made him popular on social media. His energy and storytelling skills engage people from all over the world.

He’s known for his deep knowledge of gambling and is trusted by both beginners and pros.

He roams the Las Vegas strip alongside his son and a friend, all in pursuit of the thrilling slot machines.

People turn to him for advice on casinos, sports betting, and all things Las Vegas-related.

Vegas Matt Job

Vegas Matt job is gambling on Slot Machines in Las Vegas. Besides this, his job is to create quality and entertaining content for his YouTube and social media audiences.

This helps him find secondary earning sources and build a large follower base.

Vegas Matt Real Name

Vegas Matt real name is Matthew Johnson and Matt Morrow and it has been away from the media for a long time.

And because of this, you will mostly hear him called Vegas Matt or Vegas Matt Morrow.

Early Life of Vegas Matt

Vegas Matt at slot machines
Vegas Matt at slot machines

Vegas Matt was born on 4 October 1963 in Ordina, California, United States of America, to anonymous parents.

Matt has not revealed anything about his father or mother. In fact, he has kept information about his siblings and childhood away from the media.

However, it seems like he has been brilliant since his early days and was highly interested in technical aspects.

Vegas Matt Education

Vegas Matt attended Miramonte High School in 1981 for his primary education. He says about his early schooling days:

High School was a trip. I was incredibly awkward until my Junior Year. Then I started having fun….Some great friends from Miramonte that I still hang out with today.

After that, he enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 1985.

There, he completed his graduation in Business Economics and started his journey.

In memory of his University days, he has some words for his followers,

UCSB was off the hook. I made some amazing friends, perfected the art of having fun, and actually learned a little too. The 1980’s were the “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” days. My crew made Spicolli seem like an amateur. LOL!

Vegas Matt Age

Vegas Matt is currently 59 years old as he was born in October 1963. He is soon going to turn sixty in the coming months, and he has even planned a birthday party event.

The resignation for his birthday event has already started, as he mentioned in one of his YouTube videos.

Vegas Matt Career

Vegas Matt at slot machine
Vegas Matt at slot machine

Vegas Matt was raking in money back in the 1980s, making millions at an MLM company when he was in his mid-20s.

He did mention that the company was eventually “shut down” (likely for illegal activities), but he still seems quite proud of those days when he was making big bucks, even though the company’s closure raises eyebrows.

I’m not implying he did anything illegal, but it’s curious how one can be so proud of such a history.

Vegas Matt also revealed that he hasn’t had a conventional job since he was about 30.

I’m not sure if he meant that literally or figuratively, as he talked about his disdain for people stuck in jobs they hate.

He did acknowledge losing over $1 million to gambling over the years, which naturally leads to questions about what he’s been up to for the past three decades.

Matt does offer some solid advice about self-improvement, as he is a big fan of Tony Robbins and claims to have read every self-help book out there.

Vegas Matt Wife

Vegas Matt wife children
Vegas Matt With His Family

Vegas Matt has been married to his wife Kc Vanlue-Morrow since May 14, 1989. He is always thankful to God for having such a nice wife.

The couple has been together for over 34 years now.

Matt and his wife KC have been blessed with two children, a son named Ej Morrow and a daughter named, Annie Eisenach.

Vegas Matt currently lives in Henderson, Nevada.

Vegas Matt Son

Vegas Matt son
Vegas Matt With His Son

Vegas Matt’s son, Ej Morrow started studying at Trabuco Hills High in 2008, where he graduated in 2012.

The same year, he enrolled at Northern Arizona University and then left it in 2016. Currently, Ej is living with his father and learning some gambling skills.

Vegas Matt Daughter

Vegas Matt daughter
Vegas Matt’s Daughter With Her Husband

Vegas Matt’s daughter, Annie Eisenach was born on May 17, 1992, in Henderson, Nevada.

She studied at the University of Arizona and graduated there in 2014. That year, she moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, where she still lives.

Currently, Annie is married to a handsome guy.

Vegas Matt Net Worth

Vegas Matt estimated net worth is $42 million as of 2023. He has accumulated this whopping wealth through his gambling skills.

From losing a million dollars to making forty-two million, he has come so far.

Last year, in 2022, Matt had around $37 million in wealth. And now, he has grabbed another $5 million, which is his annual salary.

Matt is growing rapidly, both economically and with fame. In the next few years, he is supposed to become the number one gambler on the YouTube platform.

What Does Vegas Matt Do For a Living?

Vegas Matt is a professional gambler and YouTuber, and this is what he does for a living.

Aside from this, his earning sources include brand promotions, sponsorships, and social media earnings, especially through his Instagram handle.

As we have already seen, Matt has earned over forty million throughout his long journey. And this is enough to prove his gambling skills.

Facts About Vegas Matt

  • Vegas Matt, born on October 4, 1963, is a famous American gambler, YouTuber, and social media sensation.
  • He has gathered thousands of followers worldwide in the past year due to his gambling skills and engaging content.
  • Vegas Matt is from Las Vegas and loves the city’s exciting lifestyle.
  • He has been the Royal Ambassador at Bodē Pro since 2006, a position he still holds.
  • Known for his charming personality, Vegas Matt is popular on social media, captivating audiences with his energy and storytelling.
  • He is highly knowledgeable about gambling and is trusted by both beginners and pros for advice.
  • Vegas Matt frequently explores the Las Vegas strip, often with his son and a friend, in search of thrilling slot machines.
  • His job primarily involves gambling on slot machines in Las Vegas, and he creates entertaining content for YouTube and social media.
  • Vegas Matt’s real name is Matthew Johnson and Matt Morrow, but he is commonly known as Vegas Matt.
  • He was born in California in 1963, attended Miramonte High School, and later graduated in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Final Thought

In the end, we will just say that Vegas Matt is a successful gambler and YouTuber. But there are some things you should know.

Gambling is more about luck than skills if you see it on a deep level. And that’s why we, or any of us, do not recommend you do gambling or other activities like this.

There are thousands of jobs and opportunities waiting for you. Grab some that have no risk of losing everything but have the potential to gain everything in the right way.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. Anyhow, let us know your feedback and comment below in the comment section.

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